Eldamar - The yearning of the Eldar to their home beyond the sea

Eldarmar, Elven-home beyond the Sea,
Where Light once shone ere the Sun and Moon!
Green are the hills, fair are the walls,
Standing tall when all else is ruin!
Away from grief, beyond the decay of passing years,
Out of dark, out of doubt, where fall no mourning tears;
O land evergreen, o people free,
Eldamar beyond the Western Sea!

Who now sing of the lords of old,
Where under star are the eldest of kings?
Forever lost in the Ancient West,
Ere wrought were Jewels or made were Rings;
For thee the hearts of the Firstborn ever yearning,
From thee the memories of Elder Days nevermore returning;
Long was sung of the loss of thee,
Eldamar beyond the Western Sea!

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