Dulaman na binne bui - I don't know why I picked this name for the title, I don't really know what it means,(yet) but I thought that the way it sounded matched my song.

Dulaman na binne bui, dulaman na binne bui!
Walking o'er the hills, of the Shire so sweet,
The wind is blowing in my hair, the grass beneath my feet...
Is soft with dew and smells so nice,
The wind, however's cold as ice,
And still, I'm moving on!

The elves of Mirkwood dark and deep,
They woke me from my pleasant sleep!
They sang, they daanced,
They ate and pranced! The wind is rainy too!.....
And still I'm moving on!

Dulaman na binne bui, na Dulaman na binne bui!
Moria is gloom and doom,
the hills they echo dum and boom!
The dwarves were rude,
The dwarves were crude,
And still I'm moving on!

Aragorn was kind to me,
Merry's been a friend to me,
Sam.....can't say much for him,
Because he never speaks!
Frodo's gone to kill the Ring......!
And still I'm moving on!

WELLLLL......sing with me my lads!

" OOOHHH!!!!! We've travled all around the land,
hurrah, hurrah!
We've slain the orcs and smote the evil,
hurrah, hurrah!
And now we're goin' home to rest,
Frodo's fine, he's done what's best!
" Right lads that was incredible!"
" Well, what'd you expect from a bunch of hobbits!?"

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