Don't Come

Don't come,
we are doomed to death
and you a lady of Rohan .
I wish you not to die my sister,
stay here and be safe.
If the battle comes to Edoras
I know you will stand and fight,
just as valiantly as I do.
When I fall, and
I think I will die at this battle
with only half the arms that we expected ,
and Aragorn gone now
to the Paths of the Dead.
Middle Earth will fall
in sadness,
then you must defend Edoras
and Rohan.
For I can't come back, if I die
I can not help you.
But I can see this will do nothing,
you will still come and die with us.
You won't listen if I beg for you to stay
or if I lock you in Edoras you will get out.
It doesn't matter if you come
but we gave you Rohan, our love.
You are the ruler now,
please, do not come Eowyn

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