Dialog - A Poem

No more pain, master!

(Then what do I see in your eyes?)

It was worth the gain, master!

(After such fall, is there a rise?)

We are back, master!

(But it seems you are still there)

The world isn't black, master!

(Though I wonder if you still care...)

The shadows will pass, master!

(But probably not for you)

You will find rest, master!

(Do I really believe it's true?)

All is well, Sam!

(How much longer can I conceal?)

There's nothing to tell, Sam!

(I can't let you know how I feel)

Enjoy your life, Sam!

(You deserve it more than I do)

Take care of your wife, Sam!

(You can't always be torn in two...)

I will be all right, Sam!

(I promise, you won't see me die)

Sleep well, good night, Sam!

(And very soon, goodbye.)

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