Despair of an Immortal - A Poem of Woe and Anguish at the Death of a Mortal

My heart is shattered
And the pieces scattered on the wind
Ten thousand arrows pierced it
Ten thousand swords tore it
Ten thousand warriors trampled it.

My soul is hollow, still
Empty and cold as the soft earth in which you lie
It is closed to the world around me
Closed to the world that took you
Closed to those that had been close to my heart.

I weep out in misery and agony
I cry out for death to ease my sufferings
I condemn this immortality of mine!
I curse the mortality that killed you!

You were my reason to remain in this land
I gave you everything I had
There is no more reason to go on
End the hurt
End the sorrow
End the pain
I refuse to see another tomorrow.

I cannot live without you
I cannot bear to live in this world
Therefore, I will live no longer
And I will find the peace my spirit longs for
Upon Death's sharp blade
And my soul and yours will live forever in Arda's memory.

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