Deora ar mochroi - A poem titled in Irish Gaelic.

Deora ar mochroi,
I have seen the sun set and the sun rise,
But never am I to see you, my love!
For when the dawn it breaks on your face,
I shall be dead as dead can be,
But when you lie with me on my grave,
Then all the warmer i'll be.
Deora ar mochroi,
It has been a year and half past,
When last I saw his face,
But ever shall I know of his love for me,
And He of my love for him!
And when the dawn on me to lay,
Then you shall lay me to rest, with him!
Deora ar mochroi,
T'is my only wish to lie there with him,
Give me not your castle nor rose!
And ever shall I stay alone, my self,
and light no candle for heat,
And with no shawl about me worn,
I'll now lay to rest with my love.
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