Defeating the Dark - ... ... ...

This poem is supposed to be Frodo's thoughts as he lays in Barad-dur. I know the meter is off but, I wrote this quickly sooo, here you go!!!!

The world is fading into a darker shade
than what is seemed before
The light is wasting away around me
I shall laugh or smile no more
The task I chose seems worthless now
No end I can see is near
All hope for victory has failed
succumbed to madness and fear
I try to embrace the cold around me
Yet only a mocking voice replies
Telling me my death is close
A sickly voice I so passionately despise
And so with wounds that burn and sting
I lay here in the gathering dark
The stench of death chokes me harshly
Forever will I bear its mark
And suddenly, as in a dream
My heart pulses once or twice
For I hear a distant voice so sweet
As quiet as skittering mice
And for a moment suspended there
The dark turned to a shade of gray
Then a wave of light washed over me
As in Sam's arms I joyfully lay

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