Dawn in Lórien - A golden sunrise

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Twixt the rivers lay the woods
of Lórien the fair;
There trees of gold and silver grew
With cold stars in their hair.

When Anor rose in brilliance
Painting the dawn of grey
Then dewdrops glittered on the leaves
The leaves as bright as day.

The sunbeams and the shadows
wove patterns gold and green
And on the ground in dancing light
The elanor was seen.

The stream of crystal tinkles
The Nimrodel of song,
and by the fair green riverbank
The golden leaves grow long.

As rosy light the east skies paint
The chorus of larks are heard,
Together with the sound of song
Far sweeter than any bird.

In Lórien the Golden Wood
The Eldalie still dwell,
And in Lothlórien all things are good;
No shadow there befell.

Then sing! Oh sweet morning lark,
Herald the brilliant dawn!
Here is mirth and boundless joy
In fair Lothlórien!

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