Dawn at Helm's Deep

Over the walls we looked out that night<br /> farms and fields had been set alight<br /> our rear guard came in, spent, full of ire<br /> at least they taught them to not bear fire<br /> the Uruk-hai stormed the gate<br /> and the battle began to rage<br /> we were forced into the keep<br /> like rats, trapped in a cage!<br /> &#8220;I hope for the dawn!&#8221; Aragorn said<br /> at dawn the Uruks found reason to dread<br /> the hurons of Fangorn filled the vale<br /> and Eomer beside them let his horn wail<br /> while Theoden&#8217;s ire would not keep<br /> &#8220;Let blow the great horns of Helm&#8217;s Deep!&#8221;<br /> Betwixt hard place and stone<br /> with no where to go<br /> the Uruk fled through the hurons<br /> to their death and great woe!<br /> I was a lad in those days<br /> and I tell you its true,<br /> with hope and great hearts<br /> there&#8217;s nothing we can&#8217;t do!
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