Concerning Hobbits - My own poem concerning hobbits

Hobbits are very simple creatures,
They are short, which is a non-ignorable feature.
They ingore the world around the Shire,
And are happy to be ingnored by everyone, especially a liar.

Hobbits may not be high in smarts,
But are nonetheless happy, pulling their little carts.
Hobbits do not much get visitors,
And are not much in any of the lores.

Gandalf the Grey once came,
With all his trouble elders hated his name.
The children loved his fireworks,
Not know where his magic lurks.

Then those Bagginses who are so much trouble,
With all that treasure burried within their rubble.
The supposed tunnels were not found,
Could not be sniffed by any hound.

But hobbits in general are happy,
Though to others they may seem sappy.
Unbeknownst to them, they are strong and brave,
Though would not normally venture into a dragon's cave.

But that's the thing about hobbits,
Until you learn and find all the information in bits,
They are very unpredictable,
And all the same very likable.

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