Clear heavens - A poem about the stars

When the elves became the stars did shine,
Watching o'er endless time,
Bright as trees of Valar they shone,
Light renowned, compared to none.

When the whispered breeze in the eve doth blow
The stars do dance and brightly glow,
Singing softly silent words,
Blessed song, O heavens birds.

The moon comes later in the night,
Softly glows that flowing light,
Yet in the eve the stars are new,
Dust in the eve, like morning dew.

When the star light first kissed the living lands,
Was rekindled too, by godly hands,
Stars of faith, and fath of hope,
All thy lust for thee be woke.

As the night doth dawn the stars shall shine,
Watching o'er endless time,
Bright as the trees of the Valar shone,
Call their light and fear be gone.

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