Charwen and Jeregorn - A True to Life Ballad

This posted by CharwensJadedLuvr

Charwen was a fair elf
Jeregorn a human
they had a love
like no other
it was not allowed
Charwen's father disapproved
bring me proof
and a crown
he said
then you may have my dughter's hand
so he left, and she fled Rivendell
years went by
he grew wise and weatherworn
she hadn't aged a day
he met hobbits
she stayed in Rivendell
being lonely
the pain of separation
felt by them both
but left unsaid
they met again
they air was full of ANIRON
they didn't care what her father said anymore
he was a king now
he went to her father and showed him
the crown
and the wedding bands
he disapproved
but they fled
and married
she agreed forever to share his mortal doom
he agreed to make it worth her while
they lived, loved and died
they were so in love
their lives were nothing
compared to their love

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