Canst Thou Hear Them?

The night was long, evil and chill
And darkness covered all until
The sun rose over hill and peak
To spread fingers of golden light
With horn and might.

Can thou hearest the horns?
The horns of doom and power?
The horns of the Rohirrim this hour?

Six thousand strong they came, the North Men
With horse and spear, axe and bow
To give the Dark Lord a mighty blow.

Can ye hear their cries
As they sing and slay,
Charging to save the day?

Can thou see the King?
Can you see him outpace his men,
Riding through the orkish din?

Can thou see the light
As the clouds break, as darkness passes
As the army masses?

Forth, and fear no darkness!
Shouts Theoden
To all his mighty men.

Yet not all are men.
A rider, Dernhelm the unbidden
And a hobbit, Meriadoc the hidden.

The battle raged and
The king was slain
And grey tears fell, cold rain.

Dernhelm too helped win the day
By her sword the Witch-king was slain
Though she and Merry bought it with pain.

And Aragorn akso turned the tide
By sailing forth by night
And arriving in the morning light.

Fair was the day, and grim:
Many worthies were dead
But Mordor has much to dread.

Canst thou hear the horns?
Listen, for they bring doom:
Mordor's enemies are coming soon!

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