Brave Hearts - A true story in disguise

Beyond the vast Eternal Sea
Before the world began to be
Two hearts eternally entwined
Together from the start of time.
Now every soul must do God's work
And sundered, they were sent to earth
To take on lives of flesh and bone
And wander through the world alone
But miracles on earth abound
And so the lost were one day found
Two halves were once again made whole
And Heaven's joy infused both souls

The Darkness hates Love's boundless joy
And all its power would employ
And all its cunning strength extend
To bring Love to its saddest end
And thus the lovers found their way
Turned rocky, rough and shrouded gray
And everything in Life conspired
To make them both of Love grow tired
To pull the cojoined souls apart
And have them break each other's heart

But Love is strong when it runs true
What Darkness sought it could not do
Together still they walk along
Rejoicing in each other's song
Still loving as the years go by
Together 'til the day they die.

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