Bookmark - Let's try this again.........

I place a bookmark on the page,
That you left unread,
To remember exactly where you left off.
I wish that you could come back,
And continue reading the strory that is your life.
Won't you?
Can't you see?
I can't read the unread pages.
They shall remain to me ,
Black spaces in my heart.
But I shall keep rereading the
Pages that i have already read.
I will keep reading until,
One day,
I shall close your book.
my longing for you ,
still wil not be over
When that day comes.
for every once in a while,
I will glance at your book,
slightly dusty within my heart,
Never to be forgotten.
And I shall gaze at it,
Longing for you to open it once more.
But you can't open it,
Because I'll never be able to turn away from it again.
but one day I'll meet you again,
leaving behind my own book,
With a bookmark on the last read page.
and what pages I left unread ,
I shall never read ,
because I shall no longer need or want to.
You see,the unread pages,
are not unread,
but just left,blank,
because they never existed
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