Beren's Song to Lúthien - A song to the fairest Elven maiden.

Ai! Lúthien! Tinúviel!
Fair is the world where thou dost dwell
Spring it shall be in tree or glen
Where thou does walk, a jewel above Men.

I first you spied in Neldoreth
Dancing in likeness of Elbereth
And ai! You were so lovely
That your beauty was unmatched on land or sea.

Long you I sought
And passed where your steps had wonders wrought
For you I crossed the rushing river
And ran beneath the sky of silver.

At last it was that you I found
A cloak of stars was about you bound
Burning around you in a mantle of white fire
Wakening my soul, and my own heart's desire.

I was lost when you looked in my eyes
For love of you I would face my demise
My quest was to cross through the Gorgoroth
And cut a Silmaril from the Iron Crown of Morgoth.

You found me in Sauron's fortress, sweet Tinúviel
Imprisoned in the foul cell
You cut my bonds, and let me walk
Again beneath the eagle and hawk.

As one we did take the path to Angband
At the last, together we would stand
You told me that our fates were bound together
Where I walked, you would be beside me forever.

When my hand was claimed by the Red Maw
You took me and nursed me, and then I saw
In my dreams, the fair likeness of my Lúthien
A jewel unequaled by mortal Men.

But ai! You and I, it was not yet to be
For Carcharoth came to Menegroth, the hidden city
There Huan and I took mortal wound
It seemed that we would be together entombed.

But Lúthien, our time together was not yet done
For as I passed to Shadow, you called me back to the Sun
And moved to pity Mandos with your sweet song
So that we might be reunited, free from wrong.

Where Time rides now, I can no longer say
For long ago it passed away
As long as I am with you, it has no worth
My fair Lúthien, I will be forever with you on this earth.

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