Be Brave

Be Brave. <br /><br /><br />Wails and never ceasing cries,<br />Spinning tales that blind our eyes,<br />So that we see nothing of what lies ahead, <br />Be brave my friend, let your courage be led, <br /><br />Through the ever twisted roads,<br />Even with our heavy loads.<br />And we shall soon see home again,<br />And hear the Shire&#8217;s streams by then,<br /><br />And listen to the crying birds,<br />Singing songs with no words,<br />But their tune seems to say,<br />That we shall see a brighter day,<br /><br />You and I shall soon be home,<br />And you without this heavy load,<br />So do not fear, what lies ahead,<br />Be brave my friend, our hope has not fled,<br /><br />Look to the skies, still blue afar,<br />And see Elbereth&#8217;s shining star.<br />And though you and I may be,<br />Only small hobbits, others see,<br /><br />And though in Mordor deep we lie <br />Alone beneath the darkened sky,<br />We will see our home again,<br />Be brave my friend, Be brave my friend.<br /><br />And now that we have come so far,<br />Under moon and darkened star,<br />We are here at last to see,<br />The destruction of the ring. <br /><br />We clamber up the winding stair,<br />Our hearts are weary with despair.<br />But we have almost reached the end,<br />Be brave my friend, Be brave my friend.<br /><br /><br />
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