Aule - The Smith - Fifth of 15 poems of the Valar

Greatest of the Valar,
Concerned with Arda,
Its metal and rock,
By the seas and by the docks.

Angainor, The chains you made,
For Melkor,
To keep him where he laid.

The vessels of the moon and sun,
The ships that never shunned,
You made these too,
You thank him,
For creating you.

Elves and Men you had seen,
Yet you didn't like the looks of theen,
You made a race of your own,
The dwarves,
And you gave them a home.

Eru gave them life,
Yet you had to let them sleep,
For the Elves had to come first,
To make their mighty fleets.

Noldor, you student,
He was not so prudent,
Feanor you taught,
And the Silmarils he wrought.

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