As I stood in Lothlorien - The best thing about imagination

O Elven lands, where tears lay
Upon this dream, did sail away
And meet immortal end this day
In Valinor, in ever-sway,
And still a memory lingers here,
Throughout the months, throughout the year,
Were garlend wrough with mithril entwined
With elanor flower, so sweet to find
That like the sun doth seem its bloom,
As precious and gohstly as the moon
Where stars between its path glint so,
Soft upon the mountain snow,
And here too, in elven sheen
Glisten softly, sadness been,
And gloden leaves above the boughs do dance,
A shade of softness, me, I, entranced
Stand in awe at echoed time,
The river sings, and stars do shine.

A thousand years passed this day,
And I am here, yet still I pray
To hear the sound of lithe feet run
Through the trees into the sun,
Yet I cant but help imagne here
Every leaf should be so drear
To not be sweet Lothlorien,
With Queen as fair as risen sun,
And boughs that never heard the song,
So bitter sweet, of mourning long,
But when I close my eyes I see
Imagined things that could never be,
And I am in Lothlorien.

And I can hear Nimrodels song,
I see the elanor in sweet renown,
And I place on my head this golden crown.

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