As her king died - "Farewell, to thee, my love, as I knew thee in life"

"Leave me now, I beg thee,
For I must die this day,
And I heve ever loved thee,
So leave me now I pray."

"My Lord, as mortal sadness
Grips my elven heart,
I would thee spare the madness
That tears us now apart."

"My Queen, I kiss my last breath
Yet I am not alone,
And I am granted death,
To leave my people's throne."

"My Love, this time we lived in,
Is echoed on this day,
And though thee did win,
I beg thee to delay."

"My Lady, all my life I held thee
Atop my lowly heart,
As now thy king I leave thee,
Though we shall never part."

And the Queen, her tears upon her elven face kissed her king, And there she stood, as his mortal bonds were cut, and his sprit, which in life was so strong, walked the paths beyond the sun and the moon, and still did his queen mourn for her love.

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