As Frodo saw Gollum - How I saw him, pity wept, for he this torment, long he kept.

He became this, as too may I,
Too wrecked to live,
Too cursed to die,
The ring he took,
His friend forsake,
A shivering fool for his mistake.

Sam can't pity him, he sees him as he lies,
The skin and bones and killing hands,
Thoes hollow, shrunken eyes,
But I see poor poor Smeagol,
The one who evil took,
The one who fears the sun and moon and at the stars can't look.

And as I bear this burden, every day it grows,
I feel the pain and tourture
That this cruel creature knows,
Living every self same day, under brooding sky,
Living every day in pain, willing us to die.

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