As Arwen left - her word to the last man of mortal birth to speak with her.

"Not oft would she walk alone, for her king was aside her after her kin had departed across the great sea. Where now doth he rest, my Queen?"

"In that stone tomb, he there doth lay
In lands yon night, beyond his day
Where now the silence seeks his bones
And he doth lie among thoes stones."

"What, my Queen, did thee expect, for thy love thy immortal life 'twas lost, why do thee not weep, my Queen?"

"For, my friend, my tears run dry
And my star hath faded in that sky
That now doth pry upon my heart,
No tears would end, once they did start."

"Is this, my Queen, why thee wander alone, from this mortal dream which has grown old, as for thy death his love thee hold?"

And upon the eve of that night the Queen Arwen left, to return to the land of her kin, and in this cold night no star did shine, and no heart was untouched by her song.

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