My love,Arwen

The first day I saw your beauty,
I was inlove,your the fairest elf,
That Ihave ever seen.

Princess and Queen of a mortal king.
Your fair life runs in my blood warm and cold.
My evenstar,Arwen Undomiel,
Lady of Rivendell!!

When I left as strider,Oh! how I missed you!
My star,the sun of my life!
Like a rose when I saw you again.

In the dark time of the fellowship.
I dreamt every night of you.
My lover and friend,love of my life.

The neckless you gave me, evenstar,
It was kept close to my heart.
You stayed as Elrond told you to
leave....this peom is for you and
your fairness of immortality.

My maiden,my evenstar,you never
went to the undieing land.
But gave up your lifes grace.
My spirit flies to meet your light,
like a new rose,you are to me!
We will live and love each other,
for we are to be together!
My Arwen,lady of Rivendell.

I feel so bad now that you have
chosen to be immortal.
And shall treasure your gift in my
heart untill the end of my days.
My star,you are my sunshine and sunset,
my eternal desire and love.
For your love will stay as we
shall meet again after time,in heaven.

Oh!,my Queen, Elf-lady,
Arwen Evenstar Undomiel.
And I Aragorn shall be your King.
My Fair jewel, rose and Evenstar.

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