Arwen and Aragorn - A poem

The story of the world is our story.
My heart has loved yours
for thousands of years
Since the sun came up
I've loved you under every form
as water
as air
as fire
as earth.
The two of us have loved each other
forever, and we will
when everything is dust
and we'll be but stars
scattered across the universe.
For my light has learned to follow your light
endlessly down the path of will
and believe it leads us not to shadow
but to admire a new dawn
sliding on a new shining sea.
Beyond the waters and beyond the daylight
you are the one who greets me
To give me new life.
For when I was mirror you were moonshine
and when I was winter you were snow
You the wanderer
and I the road
that goes ever on
but eventually comes back
to where "you and me" began.

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