Reach for the sky, Meriadoc, son of Sariadoc,
Mighty Prince of the Halflings.
Spread your wings and soar above the heights of your fathers.

Fangorn's draught increased your height,but only can stand tall;
Bombadil's blade was created for this day; but what good is a knife?
Of no good, if none will wield it.
Legend's child, with legend's height and legend's sword, arise!

You come from the shadows of history and myth,
And have yourself passed through the shadows of Moria and Fangorn.
Will the child of shadows challenge the King of Shadows?
For your foe is himself a shadow, the Shadow, lord of all others that dwell
in the shadow.

Yes, you are frightened; who wouldn't be?
But shall Dernhelm die unaided?


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