Aragorn watching - How his death gave mourning

Weeping forever, at graveside alone,
So lost and so hopeless,
No queen at high throne,
All tears shall falter,
All peoples shall cry,
For her King is dead now,
And here doth he lie.

The trees of the forest shall all voices see,
Shealtered by sadness,
'Twas fated to be,
And no stars dare shine now,
In winters long night,
Empty the promise
Of eternal light.

In forever he watches, O Ranger, O King,
Why leave her forever,
Such sadness to bring,
Fated to wander, so alone and so lost,
In the Winter of life,
All tears shall ye beakon
For she was thy wife.

And how sall ye see her, her shadow alone,
So lost within mourning,
Returned to her home,
All tears should end now, thy name doth she cry,
For her King is dead now,
And here she doth lie.

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