Aragorn on the death of Arwen - His guilt

She whom I do with my heart love
Must die if I marry her one day,
And she belongs with the stars far above,
And I fear she will for me fade away.

O the elven ships are leaving
And thoes people are her kin I know,
But only for her am I breathing,
For I have ever loved her so.

And we will marry when this war is done
Another moment to her fate,
And I fear the setting of her sun,
And that my quest will me belate.

In a dream her I did see,
Among the faded elanor,
And she was mortal, for me,
For her mortal bane was what I saw.

So as I lay my weary head
Upon the heathen sprawl,
As I sleep, I see us wed,
As she sleeps in the rich elven hall.

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