Aragorn and the Evenstar - Arwen's sorrow

Aragorn and the Evenstar

The image of the Evenstar
Lingers in his heart
Even though she is afar
It's distance won't bring them apart

The whisper of the Evenstar
He can clearly hear
Even though she remains afar
Her voice rings in his ear

The soft touch of the Evenstar
Has stayed upon his skin
Even though apart they are
She chooses him and not her kin

The sadness of the Evenstar
Tears his heart in two
Different but alike the are
For she feels this too

The tearful eyes of the Evenstar
Anguishes him so
Even though she stays afar
The tears fill him with woe

The precious Evenstar awaits his return
Someday he will come
For Elessar she does yearn
Together they are one

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