An Ordinary Book - a poem about the wonders of fairy-tales

Believe in the unbelievable
for that is the key
to hope and have faith
in what never can be
for these dreams give you courage
these tales give you strength
and help defeat fears
at any length.
For common sense says
that we have no chance
but it never sees
it gives just a glance
at what life is
and what life does
for the reason we believe
in myths is because
we need something to believe in
something to satisfy
our hopes that one day
just once we could fly
out of this world
and into our own
where the impossible is possible
where real light is shown
to our dreams as they take place
and suddenly come true
I speak of the day
I actually flew
into a tale
into a myth
where I could be free
and believe with
many others
that its good for you
to ignorantly bother
with what isn't true
to not just glance
but give a good look
to the fairy tale
in an ordinary book.
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