An ode to the Fellowship - The Journey

An ode to the Fellowship - The Journey

On a cold autumn day
they went on their way
through wind, rain, and sleet
they kept on their feet.

The walked up hills
and down o'er vales
and drank from the rivers
which gave them the shivers.

In a village called Bree
named Strider was he
He who would lead them
and courageously save them.

On towards Rivendell
In a bid to make Frodo well
from the wound he was given
and madness driven.

The talked of the one ring
shouting and cussing
At the council of Elrond
The Fellowship was found.

Gandalf to lead them
through the flames of hell
when Moria the spied
and hearts no longer relied.

He fell into shadow
as Frodo shouted "Oh no"
But still on they went
though there energy spent.

Lothlorien was near
but Gimli we fear
was less the ammused
but rather bemussed.

Haldir lead them on
to Caras Galadhon
home of celeborn and Galadriel
and a strage wishing well.

Into the mirror she made him look
and saw his minds eye and secrets she took
He offered forth the ring
but strong was her will.

Off they did set to Parth Galen
with the orcs close by with a rubber chicken
Pip and merry way-laid them a bit
but Boromir got shot and died silly git.

But on the rest went
minus Frodo and Sam
cos they'd done a runner
affraid they'd meet another.

this poem could continue
on to ttt
but helms deep
worries me you see!!!!!!!

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