An Elven Ship Set Sail Today - A Poem

"And when that ship passed an end was come in Middle Earth of the Fellowship of the Ring." - ROTK
An elven ship set sail today,
It left these happy lands,
It took away an elf and dwarf,
And left footprints in the sand,

When it left for the undying lands,
On this windy summer day,
The story of the nine companions,
Has finally passed away,

The story of a halfling,
That saved the world we know,
The story of a ranger,
Who walked where none would go,

The story of a man,
Who fell to an evil lure,
The story of a friend,
Whose loyalty was pure,

The story of a merry hobbit,
A small soldier of Gondor,
The story of his best friend,
Who rode with Rohan's lord

The story of a fair elf,
Who befriended an enemy,
The story of a hardy dwarf,
Who crossed the sundering seas,

The story of a wizard,
Who fell defending his friends,
The story of his return,
And his peaceful end,

They formed a bond of friendship,
But never again will they all meet,
For five of them left Middle Earth,
To journey across the sea,
And four remained behind,
To brave the wondrous land,
Where mortal men are doomed to sleep,
When their stories end,

An elven ship set sail today,
The Fellowship has left these lands,
And now the only memory of them,
Are footprints in the sand.

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