An Elf's Forgotten Song - An Elf expresses sadness at leaving Middle earth.

The ship is leaving, going now,
And I must follow to the shore.
The gulls are crying long and loud;
A lonely wind blows through the moor.

The last leaves of Lorien fall,
Their gold will slowly fade away,
The Mallorn trees so tall,
Are fading each and every day.

In Rivendell, last homely house,
Is nought but empty halls.
The torches within have long been doused,
And only spiders crawl
Within forgotten corridors,
In Places seldom seen,
Long lost secret, behind locked doors,
Where men have never been.

But with great sorrow, I must leave them,
My elven homes of old,
And travel journey dark and dim;
So this story will unfold.

A, Elbereth! Gilthoniel!
I beg thee, here my cry!
Please bless this earth, where men dwell,
Untill the day it dies.

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