An Adventure Begins

Pardon me Dear Dwarves,
with your beards all a'wagging.
I can't make this journey,
I'm just Bilbo Baggins.

I've run off and left my hankerchief you see,
and wandering wild lands?
Oh! Adventures aren't for me!
Im sorry dear fellows I can't lend a hand.

Oh, Silly quaint Hobbit! Stop your worrying & fretting.
I've a cloak here that I don't mind you wearing.
You will get used to life without such things,
unkown to us yet what this adventure will bring.

No worries Master Hobbit, for Gandalf will lead!
So quickly now good fellow...up onto your stead!

Off we now go!
No staling Mr. Baggins...
To seek our stolen gold,
To win the Lonley Mountain!

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