Always Forever Now, Of Elves in Middle Earth

<p>The reality of being<br /> In the moments of time<br /> Continues ever weaving <br /> Across the ages that are mine<br /> <br /> For I was there in the distance<br /> Past or present has no end<br /> Because there is resistance<br /> To the aging of my kin<br /> <br /> For what is aging but the past<br /> Moving in motion slow<br /> Often with memories fast<br /> From experience I know<br /> <br /> Can you imagine the presence<br /> Of time all in view<br /> Combining thought with memory<br /> Always, forever, new<br /> <br /> There I am<br /> Could you see<br /> Where there are moments<br /> And memories to be<br /> <br /> Always is a name for my being<br /> In every instance of belief<br /> Came the promise that is unending <br /> And the doom of my grief<br /> <br /> Forever is an extension<br /> Of the thought that always came<br /> To me in a mention<br /> Of the promise that is the same<br /> <br /> For Now is the moment<br /> The Time that has a link<br /> It is in me of a memory<br /> The way it once was, I think<br /> <br /> Always Forever Now<br /> Seems as but yesterday<br /> Always Forever Now<br /> Could be just another day<br /> <br /> In the depths of my memory<br /> Now Always is Forever<br /> And there is hope you see<br /> Because Always is Now and Forever with me<br /> <br /> By Divad Norrab</p>
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