All My Life

All my life has been a battle<br /> I was not allowed to fight,<br /> Hidden away, no more than a nurse,<br /> Never seeing the light.<br /> But now this man, so proud, so strong,<br /> Has opened a new door;<br /> Has opened up a whole new world <br /> And left me wanting more.<br /> <br /> All my life I&#8217;ve been waiting for this,<br /> Waiting for a chance to be free;<br /> Waiting for the day I finally break out <br /> And find the real me.<br /> And now this man could be my chance<br /> To escape from this cruel cage;<br /> To stand and fight as I always should have <br /> And win glory in this age.<br /> <br /> All my life has been so cold,<br /> So dark and full of fear.<br /> It was hard to believe that anything<br /> Could bring warm sunshine here.<br /> But now this man, unknowingly,<br /> Has thawed my frozen soul<br /> And let me dare to believe<br /> That there&#8217;s escape from this black hole.<br /> <br /> For the fist time in my life<br /> I feel like I&#8217;m in love;<br /> All fear has gone and all I see<br /> Is sunshine from above.<br /> This man I love, so proud, so strong,<br /> Has banished all my strife<br /> And helped me to see there&#8217;s more to me<br /> Than I ever believed in all my life.<br />
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