A World of Wonderous Dreams - Middle Earth

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Goodnight, sweet dreams, and fare thee well,

Beneath the Elven stars that dwell

In ancient skies. Dare not to tread

In nightmares or on Paths of Dead.

Instead spring lightly as the dew,

And slumber sweetly til comes day new,

Dance and sing amid realms of dreams,

Where nothing is quite what it seems,

Your imagination comes out to play,

While waiting for the dawns new day,

Ride wild horses of the south,

Sail in ships to Anduins mouth,

Meet with Elves of Elder Days,

Speak with them and learn their ways,

A daring battle, of cunning and skill;

In such a land how could you stand still?

Where the winds sing in a sea of grass,

And the shore sands shimmer like silver glass,

And the forests roll out beyond your sight?

This place you come to in the night.

This Middle Earth of wonderous dreams,

Where nothing is quite what it seems,

The eve has come, and rest is due,

And you'll slumber sweetly til comes day new.

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