A True Hero

True Hero

A story of death and glory is told,
By those who yet live to tell it.

A fortress of stone and rock was surrounded,
By scourers of lands, bringers of death.
People were starving inside the walls,
The walls that were built to protect.

Hope remains, people endure, that's how it always was,
And yet Evil can find ways to conquer even the boldest hearts,

Under the rain of beheaded troops,
Who fell, protecting the walls,
From a scourging death that consumed them all,
Hearts give ground with each and every day.

And that's how it was, hopeless and dark,
Until one man has said: "Enough!"
The sound has echoed throughout the stones,
Raising all those, that are able to fight,
To go out and meet their end.

He dared not promise them bliss nor pain,
Warrior only spoke:
"This shall be our end."

May it be life or death,
Terrible pain or great suffering,
People still followed the man
Who promised for all to end.

And under the stars,
Under the rain of sickening flesh,
A desperate hope arose among those
Who came out to meet their end.

Their eyes shone with hatred,
Driven they were by the bloodlust of terrible power,
And is such face of terrible wrath,
Enemies began to give ground.

Once a warrior, now a hero
He yet has to find his peace.
And he send out a call for aid,
To summon an army greater than all.

The lust for the blood is corrupting him,
And with every day that passes,
With every battle that's won,
Image of hero is being replaced,
By a beast that is here to destroy.

Alone and betrayed he rages still.
He curses the cowards,
Who swore an oath to go with him to the end.
Oathbreakers they have become, abandoning him.

But in despair and in hatred,
He gains thoughts of distant lands,
and of a new beginning for him.

Yet as he journeys out to find his peace,
Little he knows of a will,
That was guiding him,
Getting him closer and closer each day,
To a point of no return.

An evil spirit near it's death,
Has only one chance to live.
Is to merge with a homeless avenger,
Who yet has to find his place.

Thus the prophecy will be fulfilled,
And forces of dark shall bow,
And follow a newborn Lord.

Lord of Destruction and Sorrow arises,
Being a guide for his armies,
On a destructive path:
To scourge the land of betrayers,
And all those who oppose his rule.

And only when he himself,
Slaughters his own hometown of old,
A real hero will awaken in him,
Along with freeing his mind.

Seeing what he has done,
He will rise against the powers of death,
And lave this world on his own:
To finally gain a place to belong,
To finally gain a home...

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