A Tale of Woe - Yet another poem of the destruction of the ring

There Frodo stands,
On top of Mount Doom,
The ring in his hand,
Heavier than ever.

He thinks the matter over,
Once again,
But this time the ring
Decided in the end.

He said he couldn't do it,
That it was his anyway,
And he put on the ring,
Tried to run away.

But the fate of the ring
Was not to be so,
It had to be destroyed,
To end this tale of woe.

Gollum appeared,
An enemy of old,
Bit of Frodo's finger,
And took the ring of gold.

He celebrated,
His one wish had come true,
But lost his footing,
And paid his due.

He fell into the fire,
The ring on his hand,
Destroying himself,
The ring, and the evil land.

So ended the journey,
The perilous quest,
The Evil was defeated,
And Frodo could rest.

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