A Song for Eowyn

How sweetly does the wild bird sing
When caged, and trapped by prison bars?
It sings the sweeter; but the listening ears
Discern no cry for help, no plea for aid.
Only the pure crystal notes
Swelling from the captive's throat.
They do not heed the wild bird's call.

How distant can the wild swan fly
When wings are clipped and freedom barred?
It flies the farther; for it makes the journey
Oftentimes, o'er lands and seas
Within its noble heart,
That feels the call to life.
They do not see the wild swan's need.

How lofty can the eagle soar
When hooded, and with fettered feet is dragged to earth?
It soars the higher; for its proud, unbroken spirit
Sails the heavens,
Beneath its outstretched wings,
Beyond the lure of men.
They do not feel the eagle's plight.

How needy is the wounded bird for succour
When raging winds and violent storms
Have torn her far from home? No other care is needed
But the touch of gentle hands,
A quiet, tender voice that calms,
To gain her trust and earn her love.
He knows her pain and feels it in himself.

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