A Single Rising Sun - Frodo wonders...

An army and a battle, a city filled with woe,
the paths of spirit failing that I have come to know,
a king is crowned in triumph as a victory is won,
and I stand silent watching, for my task is finally done.
The day is done for mourning, peals of laughter I can hear,
but was it only yesterday that I shed lonely tears?
My mind is filled with wonder and the memory of the day
that I set out to venture on the cold and dreaded way.
It seems like just a day ago
that I was on the edge,
of death, a sway upon the brink
of fire's burning edge.
An arrow and a sword reforged; a wizard and a king:
in praise of me, all mighty rulers find the thanks to sing.
Oh, was it just a day ago that I sang and was free?
I danced on pathways to the mountains and the roaring sea?
Oh, Shire sweet! Oh days, return!
Sweep from my mind the fire's burn!
The smoke and flame, the fiery eye,
that I see ever in my mind.
I can't forget, or bring the day
when in the green hills free I lay.
And listened to the water's fall...
I answered to the fateful call.
And now, great armies gather in praise of only me!
But all I want is those old days when I was truly free.
The pathways danced in setting sun and rivers to the sea
My mind in pain is begging to forget the memory.
The olden days cannot be found, but new days can be won!
The days may change, but all are crowned
with a single rising Sun.
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