&quot;THREE RINGS FOR THE ELVEN KINGS UNDER THE SKY<br /> SEVEN FOR THE DWARF LORDS IN THEIR HALLS OF STONE<br /> NINE FOR MORTAL MEN DOOMED TO DIE<br /> ONE FOR THE DARK LORD ON HIS DARK THRONE<br /> IN THE LAND OF MORDOR WHERE THE SHADOWS LIE<br /> ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL, ONE RING TO FIND THEM<br /> ONE RING TO BRING THEM ALL AND IN THE DARKNESS BIND THEM<br /> IN THE LAND OF MORDOR WHERE THE SHADOWS LIE..&quot;<br /> <br /> - J. R. R. TOLKIEN (The lord Of The Rings)<br /> <br /> <br /> A Shadow`s Slant<br /> <br /> - Sonny_ray<br /> <br /> Have you ever wondered why<br /> Noone's scared of a clear blue sky<br /> But every soul near Sauron's land <br /> Is Petrified of The Shadow's Slant<br /> <br /> Have ever you spared a thought<br /> For all the many changes wrought<br /> Under the Twilight of The Shadow's Slant<br /> Like the Treachery of Saruman's Chant<br /> <br /> Ask the Rohirrim their Greatest Fear<br /> 'tis the Shadow drawing inexorably near<br /> Ask the Numenorians their Greatest Dread<br /> 'tis the Shadowland where they Fear to Tread<br /> <br /> Of all the Creatures in Shadowy Mordor<br /> The Orcs, the Goblins, the Trolls, the Easterlings<br /> None did inspire so much Fear as The Nine<br /> Save the Balrog in Moria's Mine<br /> <br /> Deep in the Heart of Mordor, where the Shadows lie<br /> Were Forged Nine Rings for Mortal Kings Doomed to Die<br /> And The One Ring to Bind them all<br /> To the service of the Dark Lord's call<br /> <br /> The Three Elven Rings ne'er passed Sauron's hand<br /> But The One Ring might yet put them at his command<br /> Vilya the Mightiest, Narya the Great, Nenya the Powerful<br /> Given to Elrond Halfelven, Gandalf Greyhame and Lady Galadriel<br /> <br /> The Dwarf Lords received Seven Rings of Power<br /> And they did hold out long before the Gorgoroth Tower<br /> Yet one by one they reached Sauron's Lair<br /> Or were Forever consumed by Dragon Fire<br /> <br /> Thus had the Dark Lord all the Rings made<br /> Except the Elven Three which ne'er chanced his Shade<br /> Except the Dwarf Rings undone by Dragon Fire<br /> Except The One Ring - taken by Isildur o'er Sauron`s bier<br /> <br /> The One Ring became Isildur's Bane<br /> And it caused him immeasurable Pain<br /> And led him to his watery Doom - one Orc filled night<br /> And thence passed out of everyone's sight<br /> <br /> Story became Legend, Legend became Myth<br /> Few, if ever, bothered about Isildur's Kith<br /> And some things that shouldn't have been Forgotten, Were<br /> Until The One Ring yearned for its Master's Lair<br /> <br /> The One Ring was imbued with Sauron's Cursed Soul<br /> Whilst it survived No peace could be whole<br /> For though Slain by Isildur with Narsil's Hilt-Shard<br /> Sauron's Shadow tarried and Mirkwood he Marred<br /> <br /> Across the Elves of Mirkwood, now fell the Shadow's Slant<br /> No Creature great or small did escape the Hellish Chants<br /> Of the Shadowy Necromancer - as Sauron came to be<br /> Until Gandalf and the White Council did Force him to flee<br /> <br /> The One Ring was fished out as Deagol's Bane<br /> For Smeagol coveted it and it drove him insane<br /> And Gollum he became as Evil as The Ring<br /> His Precious he did prize over every other thing<br /> <br /> Back in Shadowy Mordor, Sauron had Returned<br /> And Orodruin's Flames - long and hot they burned<br /> Gorgoroth Resurrected, Minas Ithil - Morgul became<br /> Sauron`s Fiery Eye roved a-far, The One He needed to Claim<br /> <br /> And so, the Shadow was lengthening<br /> Rumour had it - it was strengthening<br /> All at once came a whole new sound<br /> The One Ring had finally been Found<br /> <br /> Thru' a strange set of twists and turns,<br /> The One had come into Bilbo Baggins' Burns<br /> And later passed to Frodo, his only Heir<br /> And so did Gandalf behold it in the Shire<br /> <br /> Even as the Shadows lengthened beyond Morgul<br /> And Woke his Deadliest Servants, The Nazgul<br /> The rest of Middle Earth stood calm and quiet<br /> Except Elrond Halfelven and Mithrandir, who rallied to Fight<br /> <br /> The Grey Pilgrim called the White Council together<br /> But Saruman the White had turned a multicoloured feather<br /> He persuaded them all to sit tight<br /> And ever and on the Shadow-Slant lengthened before their sight<br /> <br /> Gandalf the Grey, Mithrandir to some<br /> Knew that the Time had finally come<br /> When he must Fight the Creatures of the Night<br /> Combat the Slanting Shadows with the Shining Light<br /> <br /> He bade Frodo and Sam Flee the Shire<br /> And thus did they escape The Nazgul's ire<br /> The Nine chased them to the village of Bree<br /> Of their Foul Shadow they'd ne'er be free..<br /> <br /> Faithful Meriadoc and the Brave Took Peregrin<br /> Loyal to Frodo thru' thick and thin<br /> But twice the trouble yet thrice as useful<br /> Getting Frodo and Sam away from The Nazgul<br /> <br /> Their tongues loosened by Barliman's finest<br /> The Prancing Pony turned Vipers' Nest<br /> Fate sped Aragorn to their aid<br /> And they lived thru' the Ringwraiths' Raid<br /> <br /> After many Trials, Hardships and Foul Treachery<br /> The four Hobbits - Frodo, Samwise, Pippin and Merry<br /> Reached their respective goals with elan<br /> Though nothing had gone to plan<br /> <br /> Thru' their journey they found friends all<br /> In strange places - waiting for them to call<br /> Old Tom Bombadil, Glorfindel, Aragorn son of Arathorn,<br /> And Proud Boromir Wielding the Onyx Horn<br /> <br /> Elrond Forged a Fellowship, Nine in all<br /> One to each Ringwraith, to hasten their Fall<br /> The Four Hobbits, Gandalf the Grey,<br /> Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas and Boromir the Fey<br /> <br /> Frodo became the Ringbearer and was told to seek<br /> Mount Orodruin's Fire-belching Peak<br /> For The One could only be Destroyed<br /> In the Depths of the Forge where it was Fired<br /> <br /> They journeyed towards The Shadow's Slant<br /> Now looming nearer Minas Anor - Tirith<br /> Losing Gandalf to Moria's Mithril Mine <br /> And Boromir, Mighty and Valiant, to Rauros' Decline<br /> <br /> The Fellowship Broken, they all split<br /> Frodo and Sam trudged on bit by bit<br /> The rest reached Minas Tirith eventually<br /> And prepared for a Last Great Rally<br /> <br /> Ere' Frodo reached his goal, Sauron sent out<br /> A vast horde into Gondor to achieve a Rout<br /> Even as Elladan and Elrohir, Elrond's sons<br /> And The Eorlingas and Prince Imrahil swelled Gondor's Ranks<br /> <br /> The Shadow Lengthened and Strengthened<br /> Until its Slant Darkened the Tower of Guard<br /> Nowhere was so Great a Battle Fought<br /> In that Age of the Middle-Earth they Sought<br /> <br /> Frodo fulfilled his Charge &quot;helped&quot; along by Gollum<br /> The Bards sang about it - Frodo Of The Nine Fingers And The Ring<br /> 'twas the Shadow Quelled and Banished<br /> Sauron Destroyed and The Nine Nazgul Vanished<br /> <br /> Thus fell Sauron - Lord Of The Rings<br /> With all the Evil the Shadow Brings<br /> Better enjoy the light of day<br /> Ere' the Shadow Slants your way<br /> <br /> <br /> --- sonny_ray<br />
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