A Rohirrim Horse Riding to Battle. - The thoughts of a Rohirrim horse riding to battle.

I shall carry my rider wherever he desires.
I shall be true to my rider until he shall expire.

I pray I shall live to see the battle's victor,
Even if it be so that my rider may be no more.

I hope I shall look into the eyes of the great king Theoden,
Or perhaps see the evenstar, Arwen.

I wish once more to hail Eowyn and Eomer,
Eowyn the beautiful, and her brother in shining armor.

I shall serve the Rohirrim to my ending,
Let not the enemy take me and use me to my spending.

I will not let Rohan fall while blood is in me,
Even if I have no rider, and fall before the victory.

Hail Rohan and the horses of Rohirrim!

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