A*R*A*G*O*R*N - A Poem about The King

King Aragorn

Aragorn the King Elessar
Isildur's Heir

He was a stranger
In the War of the Ring
To the Hobbits he was a mere Ranger
Now he is The King

He was called Strider
A Ranger hooded and cloaked
Now he is Elessar
Now he is unveiled

A noble crown sits upon his brow
He has a duty now Aragorn
A light shines about him now
He has been reborn

Aragorn, a hard decision lays upon you
An elf loves you, you love an elf
Even with all you've been through
The decision will be heavy upon yourself

He will persevere
He will become a famous King
Nothing will he fear
And peace to his people he will bring

He will marry
He shall rule
He will love
And shall be loved

Aragorn Elessar Elfstone
Bearer of Anduril
King of Middle Earth

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