A Psalm of Eru

I wept before the making of the World,
Hearing in perfect clarity the Song in its entirety,
Knowing all the suffering that would accompany the joy;
Yet I desired it, and it was so.

I wept before the breaking of the World,
For I knew Melkor would not change his ways,
That before he fell so many would diminish on his account.
It was for him I created My Ents to protect My creation from My creation.
And I saw it, and it was not good, if only for an age.

I wept before the saving of the World,
For the pain of the nine-fingered one,
Short a finger, yet rich a hand- My hand, in all he did.
And for the death of all he held dear, if only in his heart.

And tomorrow I may very well weep again,
Yet think not on that;
Tonight, we shall dance.

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