A New Elf Love

So true is thy heart<br />Precious and new<br />Like the breath of an angel<br />Or a fresh morning&#8217;s dew<br /><br />Whispering winds<br />Carry thy name<br />As cool as the water<br />As hot as the flame<br /><br />Lips of the essence<br />Speak of thy love<br />Resting on the wing<br />Of the snow white dove<br /><br />So warm is thy meaning<br />So proper and fair<br />Rejoice! For thy have found<br />Love free with no care<br /><br />Tender thy hand<br />As in rests well in mine<br />But strong and resilient<br />If by chance you find<br /><br />Words have been spoken<br />Of sour malcontent<br />Or the tongues of mouths<br />Proven ill spent<br /><br />For our love, be glad!<br />It is true, it is kind!<br />Strewn in the beginning<br />Sewn tightly with time<br />
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