A Nameless Shadow - A promise I mean to keep....so here is another poem.

Shadows whisper upon the lands,
Horrors unknown by mortal race.
Feared by those - pure of heart,
Dealing not but pain in eternal chase.

Blood has stained this place of old,
Laying still against the dark of night.
Many are those who lingered here,
In flesh at first, soul after fight.

No one knows the secrets,
Held silent in shattered walls.
Never have the dead been found
'Till one can hear their calls.

Hatred battles loving words,
One shall take the other.
Evil engulfed within the fair,
Yet corrupted under cover.

Death has occupied this place,
Ominous shadows in it's wake.
When, my friend, shall peace return?
When shall this shadow break?

Too long we have gone protests unvoiced
For there are none to fight but those passed.
Will ever we see, a land so free
If at all....
We few....

Should last?

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