A Mother's Morning - Where is thy son?

My light is gone,
He has left me alone,
My sunshine has left,
Where is thy son?

Away to war, he went,
Sword at side, helm upon brow,
His bow on his back, his horse sparkling bright.

Where is my son, my light?
Has he died in a tragic fight?
Then I recieved word,
My son is dead!

Weeping, I'm doing,
Morning I am,
My light has left me,
My son is no more.

Who should have to burry their child?
Who should die so young?
I guess that's just our curse,
The curse of Man.

The West will die,
Rohan will fall,
Where is our foe who will make us fall?

My light is gone
Take the world of man, I do not care,
For you took my son.

He was my sunshine after the rain,
A cure to my hurt and my pain,
But my sunshine has left me alone,
But why take the live of someone you don't know?

My light is gone,
My son is dead,
Rohan will fall,
Then Gondor will follow.

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