A Lowly Wood Elf - A new creature in Middle-earth. Don't let the title fool you.

Her hair so long, her dress so white,
She runs through the forest, this spring night,
Her green eyes gleaming, like a blazing fire,
She runs too far, to the edge of the shire

4 cloaked figures dressed in night,
Her in the moonlight, shining bright,
Curly brown hair, challenged long crystal white

Have you ever seen an elf so small,
When elves her age are usually tall,
This creature, hobbit-sized,
This creature of elven beauty

She is quiet like us, she is small like us,
I have never seen a being quite so like her

She turned to go,
as did the eyes of Mr. Frodo,
A hobbit? An elf? No, Definately no

She ran through the forest, eager to escape,
These hobbits, these creatures, in elven cape

The night time settled,
The wind stood still,
What's that tundering coming over the hill?

Black riders, could they possibly reach her,
An Arrow, A Blade, yes, they can reach her,
Alas, comes the end of this hobbit-elf creature.

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