A Little Sun - . . . from dark places to light, only the sky does not change

Out I look from my little home
To the sky's great smiling dome,
It gives me hope to see the face
Of the sun's happy, shining grace.
Nature changes, while staying the same . . .
Save . . . save when the great evil came.

Then the sky had been covered in black,
And in happiness, all was a lack,
Under a hope naught but dreary
I became increasingly weary.
But through the days and nights of tears
Memories of the horrid ork-lears,
I stopped the evil that had come --
Do you hear me? My task is done!

My hope now is all in the sky
Ever somehow steady, unlike my
Adventure which I wish had never been --
The one that forced upon me terrible sin.
Alas, I remember well the thing --
A drawing, evil, yet precious Ring!

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