A Little Soul - The thoughts of a small person

I am a little person
So helpless, so small!
One raindrop in the ocean,
I have no say at all.

I live with little people,
Not rich, nor large, nor grand.
We do not do such wondrous things
As sang of in strange lands.

You all are giant people;
Tall and strong and free.
Why do you give so great a burden
To one so small as me?

You travel far across the fields,
You've trod where I have not;
Kings and lords you all were born,
Yet to me is drawn Fate's lot.

Why to us little people
Is such a load imposed?
What can I do that you cannot,
Save peacefully repose?

Yet I will take this evil;
This yoke of death I'll don,
For ever will my heart sing pure
As ever roads go on.

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